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Eliezer Sobel

Be Love Now: A Visit with Ram Dass

I vividly remember the intensity and significance of our
first meeting.  He would often do
an exercise with new students that involved sitting across from one another,
eyeball to eyeball, with the instruction, "Anything that comes into your
mind that you don't want to share with me, share with me." 

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Post-Avatar-Depression-Syndrome (PADS)

Reports have appeared of people who see Avatar and fall into depression at their inability to access a world as beautiful and spiritual as Pandora, the mythical planet depicted in the film. But before you join a PADS support group, consider the lessons of LSD.

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Virtual Grief

When I realized my email account was lost, I went through Elizabeth Kubler Ross's well-known Five Stages of Grief. It couldn't possibly, really, all be gone, could it? Nah. Yes, it could, and it was.

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The Power of Context

Context is everything, and it literally determines which "me" shows up. I have seen this again and again in various roles over the years. But context can also work against us.

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Who’s the Crazy One?

Oh, sure, I thought. I'll take an hour out of my day and pay you a fee, open myself up and pour my heart out, and then stop midstream to either listen to you talk to your residents or else take a call myself from my friend Marty in California . . . No, I don't think so.

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Suffering, Seeking, and Sanity

At the end of the day, suffering comes down to our steadfastly holding to a core point of view that who we are, and how life is, should be different. This is the lens through which we view existence, and rather than change the lens, we perpetually rearrange the picture via the various and exotic forms of our seeking.

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Do We Really Create Our Own Reality?

For many of us, the very real evolution of our awareness moves from the unexamined assumption of a victim mentality that blames others, life itself or God for everything that happens, to the astounding and liberating insight that we are responsible for our experience of reality.

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Small Moments, Many Times

Zen-ish people are always saying "This is it, there's nothing to get, it's all here now," but I never really thought they meant it! Did they really mean this is as good as it gets? Surely they must be referring to some other version of this that will come along later, once I really understand that "this is it, here and now."

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Divine Pratfalls

The moment of spiritual epiphany reveals that one's true identity is an infinite blank slate of primordial awareness. And if that's not hilarious, what is?

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