Ellen Pearlman

Crude Simulations

The Human Connectome Project is going deep and then deeper. It is allowing one to “Navigate the brain in a way that was never before possible.”

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The Beats: Remember the Tea

Jack Kerouac called from a phone booth while his friends Allen
Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky anxiously paced outside. "Hello, I'd like to meet with Dr. Suzuki . . . Right
NOW!" The scholar's secretary told him to be there in a half hour. Elated, the
three friends skipped down First Avenue to hail a cab.

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My Lunch With Mihoko

In my 20's I was part of a second
wave of Buddhist transmission to America. I knew two generations of artists with Buddhist inclinations, and in interviews with them, all roads led back to the
Japanese scholar, Dr. D.T. Suzuki. Who was this
unassuming person who had helped change the direction
of American culture? 

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Contemporary Tibetan Art

The Chinese army may control the streets of Llasa, but the spiritual longing of the Tibetan people will continue to be expressed. Tibetan artists – whose work is relatively unknown in the West – lead the way, drawing on their long history of Buddhism.

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