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Guido Mina di Sospiro

A Viable, Contemporary Neopaganism

Praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary conjures up much earlier goddesses, too, of which she has become, so to speak, a repository. None of this was clear to me until about fifteen years ago, and I still marvel at this neopagan phenomenon in disguise.

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Prelude to the Metaphysics of Ping-Pong

One summer the philosopher of science Rupert Sheldrake and his family paid us a visit. I gave the two boys rackets: they were hooked. They now have a table of their own. Whenever we visit, we play for hours. Eventually, we realized what was intriguing us: the fact that ping-pong is
strikingly non-Euclidean.

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Two Takes on New Age, with an Introduction

Like the Renaissance Hermetism that hoped to restore peace and sanity to warring mankind, the New Age movement is
ecumenical, undogmatic and pacifist. But if the New Age is all about awakening, why does it put me to sleep?

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