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Jennifer Palmer

Tuning in to the Current Running Through Everything

In this clip from the upcoming film, “Time is Art: Synchronicity and The Collective Dream,” Jennifer Palmer meets with Evolver Network organizer Magenta Imagination Healer to talk about what she’s been experiencing during a time of profound personal change.

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Moon Music

The band It's Not Night: It's Space is offering the Reality Sandwich community a free MP3 of their fiercely mystical music.

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Sync in the City

Join me and 8 other contributing authors of "The Sync Book" to discuss (and experience) synchronicity during an interactive multimedia event, opening with the NYC premiere of Radio8Ball on Tues, Jan 31st.

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The RS Bookstore

Grab mind-melding, paradigm-bending new titles from our Evolver Editions imprint with North Atlantic Books and help support RS through our affiliate links with Powell's independent bookstore.

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Synchromysticism on Ice

The editor of "The Sync Book" asks if we are pawns in a grander scheme designed by the universe or are we ourselves taking part in creation?  [Video]

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The People’s Wall Street

Hundreds of people have been occupying Liberty Plaza, a park at the heart of Wall Street, NYC, since 9/17 in order to build, "the world that we want to see, based on human need and sustainability, not corporate greed." [Video]

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A New York State of Sync

This Friday in New Paltz, NY, join fellow "Sync Book" author Kevin Halcott and I as we explore synchronicity in movies, mythology and mysticism. (Video)

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The Phantom Horseman of Cairo

While watching live coverage of the ongoing Egyptian revolution on MSNBC, an RS reader and his family noticed a "remarkable and eerie refraction of light" that appeared to be a figure riding on horseback. [Video]

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