Joanna Harcourt-Smith

Acid Queen

Across the room, Timothy was still sitting in front of the fire, his knees drawn up under his chin, his eyes slowly scanning the room. When our eyes met, I had the sensation of leaving my body and drifting toward him.

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No More Secrets: A Call for Transparency

Leary was a political scapegoat, like Julian Assange. He was imprisoned for possession of 0.01 grams of
marijuana. His real crime was
broadcasting that no one had the right to prevent others from
altering their consciousness.  

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Pilgrimage in the Mazatec Mountains

We have come seeking the healing the earth offers through her sacred medicines. These mushrooms
are legal for a 30-kilometer radius around the village of Huautla. Baskets of mushrooms are
painted on the outside walls of the church. Here the mushroom is another
image for Christ.

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Lucky Luke and the Wild West

When I made my way to America in 1969, I wanted to be part of the war protests, the feminist revolution, and the consciousness revolution sweeping the world. Timothy Leary and I crossed paths, we fell in love.

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A Strange and Humbling Trip

My face was new to me and yet I knew the woman in the mirror. I tried to grasp a feeling or thought so I could evaluate it but everything came and went so fast there was no room for judgment. I needed to define who I was. I was afraid of being nothing if I could not control my mind. Me just seemed to go on without me.

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The Secret Sacred Use of the Belly Button

I always thought my belly button was ugly, it sinks in deep. I wanted a belly button that was just a slight scar on my tummy, not a belly button you can sink your finger in. Well my belly button was to come in handy during the time I visited Timothy Leary in prison.

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