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Jonathan Zap

Hey Woke Folk: You May Not be as Awake as You Think

PC/Woke culture has pathologized into an over-correction of valid past abuses of various groups, and now has become a set of blinders, a template that encourages shadow projection on to some groups while practicing shadow denial with other groups.

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Not Getting the Joke

Trump is a Perfect Creation, Frankenstein’s Frankenstein sent by Central Casting to Awaken us from the Nightmare of History

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Navigating Rabbit Holes Beneath Trumpocalypse

There are certain moments of rabbit hole navigation, while the howling chaos of Trumpocalypse roils across the dense surface of the world far above, when you begin to glimpse the deeper patterns struggling to coalesce.

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Merging Spirit and Technology

What if technology could produce out-of-body experiences on demand? Jonathan Zap defines a new frontier of the mind as advances in medical and media technology offer human consciousness a massive upgrade.

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