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Jonathan Zap

Make Trump Your Oracle Card

The collective unconscious has pulled the Trump Card on us from the shadowy bottom of the deck and we need to understand it as an oracular splinter in our mind.

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Setting Solstice Intentions

Since this is the turning point when the light principle is going to emerge from the darkest day of the year and begin to grow, this is an ideal time to consult your intuition and possibly the oracle of your choice on what needs to be brought into the light…

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Trump’s Cognitive Decline

Trump’s counterfactualism may not be spin, but at narcissistically disordered personality in cognitive decline desperately trying to maintain its ego self-image.

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John Major Jenkins 1964-2017

Jonathan Zap will talk about the life and work of his friend, Mayan scholar John Major Jenkins, on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, late Mon. night to Tue morning (see article for times and ways to listen).

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