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Kal Cobalt

Construct Your Future

Superstruct, the world's first massive multiplayer online forecasting game has launched.  Your mission: imagine the world in 2019.

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Game On

Gamevolution is a new underground phenomenon that fosters viral social commentary through video games.

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October Surprise

According to profesional medium Blossom Goodchild, the alien beings known as the Federation of Light plan a high-profile visit to Earth on October 14. Should we mark our calendars?

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Rage Against The RNC

When police shut down the PA system at Rage Against The Machine's anti-RNC concert, old-fashioned protesting in the form of pithy speeches and crowd sing-alongs took over.

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Lending a Hand

If you've ever wished you could loan a
few bucks to the owner of a general store in Benin or help a woman in Tajikistan purchase a
computer for her children's education, Kiva is for you.

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Are You Your Own Bully?

[Gender Evolution] •
Is it possible to fear societal backlash so much that you damage
yourself in the process? When we talk about feeling discriminated against, how much of the
feeling do we perpetrate upon ourselves?

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Squaring the Circle

The "squared" Wayland Smithy crop formation seems to contain Mayan calendar references and even a nod to Quetzalcoatl.

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Dumping Driving

Across the nation, hundreds of
participants in Zipcar's Low Car Diet Challenge are
giving up their personal cars for a month.  Find out what car-free living is like.

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