Mark Heley

The ‘Elder Brother’ comes to Australia

Often called ‘The Elder Brother’, the People of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta see modern cultures and technological civilization as ‘The Younger Brother’. I caught up with the ‘Elder Brothers’ by a Skype conversation with their facilitator as they were visiting Uluru, in Australia, at the invitation of traditional keeper, Uncle Bob Randall.

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Confessions of a Precog

One of the significant aspects of precognition that distinguishes from
it from directed psychic activity is that it is involuntary. Precognition
happens to the precog. Normally, the experience is unsought and the
recipient is passive. Experientially it feels like an awareness shift
towards incoming data and images that are coming from ‘elsewhere'.

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Manifesting the Rainbow Bridge

Whatever '2012' is, why not make it as positive as it possibly
can be? Join in visualizing the Rainbow Bridge this December 21st at
11:11am UT on the Moment Of Peace. At the very least, it will be a pleasant and
uplifting mediation and it might just be the birth
moment of a new species
called Homo Telepathicus.

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Drugs and Redemption: An Interview with Charles Shaw

Charles Shaw is the author of the gritty memoir Exile Nation, a story about "drugs and redemption." In this interview, Shaw discusses drug culture, cultural attitudes towards addiction and altered states of mind, and what paradigm shifts are necessary as we move forward. 

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Calleman’s Pyramid Scheme

Is the Mayan Calendar going to end on October 28th, 2011? If you are a follower of Dr. Carl Calleman's theories about the Mayan calendar and the pyramids, you may be expecting something to happen. Yet if Calleman is right it means that ALL Mayan inscriptions of the Classic period are wrong.

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