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Dying to Know: A Talk with Filmmaker Gay Dillingham

Reality Sandwich caught up with director Gay Dillingham while she was in town for the New York run of Dying to Know, a candid documentary that captures the reunion between longtime collaborators Timothy Leary and Ram Dass after Leary’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

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Semaya: A New Synergy With Music

Semaya, the newly released video from the Musichuk Recording Label, artfully weaves startling and extremely rare images of the Kataragama tribe in southern Sri Lanka alongside electronic music that is matched carefully to the ceremonial tenor.

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Will You Swallow Google’s Edible Microchip?

Forget the mediocre Tom Cruise movies that barely justified their rental fee, this truly might be one of the creepiest ‘future is now’ transhumanist magic acts to date. Head of advanced tech at Google-owned Motorola, Regina Dugan tells us to swallow the pill!

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“Stage of Mind”

Korean artist Jee Young Lee explores surreal and psychedelic spaces through set-design and photography. No Photoshop and the results are stunning.

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A Fish Out of Water: Occupy and the New Media Environment

Occupiers' alternative media infrastructure shook the mainstream
media trance. We are realizing that the urge to rebel is
everywhere. But the new anonymous power of the multitude to "culture jam" and create
discourse around power and control can also be used irresponsibly, even
dangerously. From Occupy Consciousness, a new free anthology. 

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