Morgan Maher

Help Peter Gorman

Entheogen pioneer Peter Gorman got bit really bad by a jungle bug this summer. He picked up three different staph infections and damn near lost his leg. You can help.

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The Wild Fire of Idle No More

Originating from the healing dances of the Plains Indians, the Round Dance is a dance of joy and happiness, kinship and harmony. Indigenous people are gathering in cities, towns, malls, plazas, roads and railways across the planet to dance, sing and stand up for human rights and decency. 

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Emerging Earthships

Guided by architect Michael Reynolds, 40 local Haitians aged four to 50 built an earthquake-proof, hurricane-resistant, ultra-sustainable building from waste materials in just four days.

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Bloodletting with Peter Gorman

In the words of Dennis McKenna, Peter
Gorman has "been way, way beyond the chrysanthemum on many a dark jungle
night." Gorman's long awaited book Ayahuasca in My Blood: 25 Years of
Medicine Dreaming tells the story of his long, deep relationship with
ayahuasca. This book review, and an interview with the author, sets up camp to
explore the edges of an astonishing journey.

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Free Taita Juan

Indigenous Colombian healer Juan Agreda Chindoy was arrested for possession of his traditional medicine and is now facing up to 20 years in federal prison. Read more to see how you can help.

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The Grandmothers’ Fire

"It is time for First Nations people to stand up and declare solidarity, and take back the guardianship of this planet." This interview with Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt, Ph.D.) tells the story of The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, how they came to be, where they are now, and their plans for the future.

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