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Nick Meador


Carl Jung called meaningful coincidences and parapsychological occurrences by the term “synchronicity,” but noted that some things are merely attributable to “probability of chance.” Do we know how to tell the difference?

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Funding My Existence

The most creative visionaries often cannot function adequately in modern
society. The Internet has allowed for non-traditional funding platforms, but the most popular ones fund creative projects, not a creative
life. It is time to
enable visionaries by funding their existence, allowing them to worry
about more pressing matters — like changing the world.

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Kerouac: A Psychonaut in Denial

Jack Kerouac's
experiments with mescaline, ayahuasca, and psilocybin mushrooms influenced his
1962 novel Big Sur, just as earlier
trials with peyote shaped his trademark 
"spontaneous prose" style. So why does the public still think he scorned

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Doublethink and the Mental Construction of Reality

The concept of
truth-seeking has long been a cornerstone of individualism. But in order to be
effective as individuals, we have to make sure that our perception of reality
actually contains a significant amount of what we call "truth." So how can we
ever be certain that we possess the actual truth? Is human objectivity even
possible in reality?

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The Not-So-Comfortable Concentration Camp

Propaganda tactics developed
during World War I are now the foundation for our entire addiction-based
consumer system. The dehumanizing
force we now call "public relations" has been targeting demographic groups since the 1920s, starting with the American housewife.

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The Agent of Apathy

Over the last decade the cultural figure known as the “hipster” has increasingly turned into a target of scorn, despite an apparent disagreement over what the term means and to whom it refers. This semi-mythological character reveals our own compliance with barbaric totalitarianism, a fault we’ve been projecting onto others.

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