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Paul Glover

Deep Green Jobs

Green work expands the economy by reducing waste of resources, workers
and wealth. Green jobs reduce the
costs of fuel, food, and housing, repair soil, water and
air, and build profound solutions to resource depletion and social inequity.

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From the Middle Class to the Mutual Class

We have the tools to create an America where all
workers are employed, every square mile is beautiful, cities
are safe, fresh food is affordable, waters are clean, and it's
easy to get healed and stay healthy. So what's the holdup?

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Take Control of Money: Print Your Own

Control of money decides where jobs are available and for how long.
Control of money decides who owns land and what gets built. Control of
money decides what is legal and what's a crime. Control of money decides
who lives well and who struggles. And ultimately, control of money
decides who lives longer and who dies sooner.

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