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Paul Levy

Quantum Physics and Wetiko

The revelation that is quantum physics can be conceived of as being a potent medicine for the overly materialistic and fragmented worldview of Newtonian physics, one of whose malignant fruits is the wetiko mind virus.

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What Would C.G. Jung Say about Donald Trump

I can’t help but to ask Jung’s opinion about the fact that someone as clearly pathological as Donald Trump has become president. As if anticipating my question, Jung says, “As soon as people get together in masses and submerge the individual, the shadow is mobilized, and as history shows, may even be personified and incarnated.”

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History in the Making at Standing Rock

There is a systemic psycho-spiritual disease—a true madness—that pervades the body politic of humanity, and what is happening at Standing Rock is an acute localized outbreak of this disease.

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Lucid-Dreaming Quantum Physics

Though night dreams and the waking dream appear to be different, the question arises: are they, deep down in their essence, actually different, or are they made of the same “dream stuff?”

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Catalyzing the Shamanic Archetype

Spiritual awakenings often are precipitated by experiences of wounding, abuse and trauma; a genuine spiritual awakening is often a co-joining of healthy and pathological factors.

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