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Paul Selig

A Solitary Kingdom

To be a liberator is less to unlock the cage that others have placed themselves in, but to rise beyond the cage to the level where the cage cannot exist. That is true freedom.

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Alignment to Prayer

When the True Self begins to claim, she claims in different ways. She doesn’t align to prescription, but she aligns to possibility. “What will create the opportunity for my next learning? What will give me joy? What will show me a higher way?”

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Encountering Darkness

You cannot reason with the darkness. All you do then is enter into it, and what is the purpose there? How does one encounter darkness? By knowing who you are.

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Aligning to the Divine

The Divine as you, as you align to it, holds all you need. You can’t understand how amazing you are when you’re looking for yourself under a bush somewhere.

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The Recreation of the Self

You self-identify through the things you see before you. You know your name because somebody says it. You know your identity because you were told who you were by other people. If there was nobody to say your name, who would you be?

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Who Do You Serve?

The awakened self seeks to bring up each aspect of the self to its own awareness, so your entire life may be lifted and supported in your awareness of who and what you are.

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