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Squat the Condos!!!

In 2010, I released a album called "Squat the Condos!" Little did I know, two years later, a world-wide movement would emerge that addressed many of the points raised on the album. Occupy has unleashed the warrior spirit of
everyday people. This spirit destroys what is no longer necessary,
fights what is oppressive, and builds what is now needed.

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Rebirthing The Vanishing City

Let's Occupy Columbia University's Gottesman Libraries on Wednesday May 9th to speak up for the Harlem residents who are going to be displaced as a result of Columbia's massive expansion program. Arm yourself with knowledge. We will be viewing, "The Vanishing City," a film about the "luxurification" of NYC, and how New York City has become a place where everyday New Yorkers find it increasingly difficult to pay rent. Engage with dialogue. After the movie, stick around for the panel discussion on how us New Yorkers can keep up the pressure and attain social justice.

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Immortal Critique

In a new essay, the underground hip-hop artist Immortal Technique provides a critical analysis of the recent death of Osama Bin Laden.

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The Alternative Currents Tour Network

In an age of increasing crisis, touring musicians have more of an opportunity to spearhead positive change. With the "Alternative Currents Tour" Network, we can change the way touring is currently practiced in the world of music, and help bring some balance back to the economy.

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Hip-Hop & Shamanism Course

Join me, online at The Maybe Logic Academy, from Mon,1/17 to 3/7, for an 8 week long cipher that explores the relationship between Hip-Hop and Shamanism.

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Klaxons “Surf the Void”

As the Klaxons touch down in Brooklyn to perform "Surf the Void," lead singer Jaime Reynolds speaks about the influences of Ayahuasca, Alfred Jarry, and Robert Anton Wilson on the making of this record.

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The Klaxons Surf the Void

The Klaxons come to Brooklyn to play cuts from their latest record, "Surfing the Void." Lead singer Jaime Reynolds talks with Propaganda Anonymous about his experiences with Ayahuasca, and it's influence on his lyrics for the new album.

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My Father’s House

[The Ayahuasca Monologues] • In the summer of 2004, I was set to travel to South America for a ten day Dieta to work with the plant medicines Bobinsana and
Ayahuasca.  Prior to departure, my father died a harsh and tragic death. A
new phase of my life began with these two seminal events. I found my
understanding of this earth to be changed utterly, and a terrible and loving
beauty was born. 

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