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James Spooner Speaks

In this interview, artist and filmaker James Spooner talks about race, identity politics, 10-speed bikes, his documentary AfroPunk, and the movement that followed it. 

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Rapping Civilized: Buildin with Allah B

Hip-Hop culture has many roots. One of which is the Nation of the Gods and Earths. In this interview, Allah B elucidates on the meaning and significance of this organization and its philosophical and metaphysical beliefs.

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Inside the Evolver Academy: A Chat with Lance Bauscher

The man behind the keyboard at Evolver Academy and Maybe Logic Academy reveals all the secrets of these online learning hubs. Evolver Academy launches this month with classes by R.U. Sirius, Charles Eisenstein, Antonio Lopez, Anya Kamenetz, and Daniel Pinchbeck.

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Cognition Factor

Mike Kawitzky's Cognition Factor offers up a kaleidoscopic field of cyberpunk 3-D imagery while asking the most pressing questions we face today. See the RS screening at the Wild Project this Sunday in NYC. [Trailer]

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Live from the Vox

Tidal Friction, Vamoose, Why-G and I will be performing tonight to aid the fair trade coffee shop, VoxPop, in
Flatbush, Brooklyn.

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The Alternative Currents Tour

   The independent music scene today exists within the confines of a new paradigm. The old world is struggling to stand as a new one is sprouting legs. The DIY ethic has more of a chance than ever before to shine through, and artists who wish to live by some form of ethical template have more of a chance to do so. 

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