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Trippy Talk: Preaching The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel (TMG) is a cavalcade of psychedelic visual and audio experiences. Duncan Trussell introduces us to the wild world of his stream of consciousness podcast… sorry… spacecast. Created by Pendelton Ward (Adventure Time) & Duncan Trussell, The Midnight Gospel brings viewers the life of a pink humanoid protagonist named Clancy (voiced by Duncan Trussell). Clancy hosts a spacecast where he uploads interviews

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Why Do Lights Sometimes Appear in the Sky During An Earthquake?

For centuries, eyewitnesses have occasionally reported seeing an inexplicable phenomenon minutes before, during or after an earthquake: strange bright lights in the sky. Just after an 1888 quake that hit New Zealand, for instance, there were reports of “luminous appearances” and “an extraordinary glow” visible for several hours.

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Download the Peeragogy Handbook

The Peeragogy Handbook, spearheaded by Howard Rheingold (author of Smart Mobs), is the world’s first to present a synthesis of techniques for collaborative learning and collaborative work.

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20 Open Source Furniture Designs

Open source furniture design is popping up these days. Open Design means mainly two things: documentation is shared freely so that users can make their own models, furnitures are made with digital fabrication and can be reproduce in a makerspace or FabLab.

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