Reverend Billy

What Did You Call Me?

The healing that we see is so needed will not come from Black Lives Matter backing down, changing language, acquiescing. Even though it may sound novel to suggest that healing comes from continuing the advancement of one of the antagonists.

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Apocalypse of the Mountain Tops

People making community is a clarifying drama, a surprising
prosecution of the lie that corporations foist on us that they are
normal. The gravity and
intensity of actual living has the effect of revealing their theft of
our lives.

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Beyond the Shopocalypse (Part Two)

Reverend Billy and his wife Savitri D. talk about the
Rev's campaign to be NYC's mayor. They discuss the
drawbacks of entering the political sphere, but explain the necessity of running against Bloomberg, who the Rev describes as "consumerism in human form."

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Beyond the Shopocalypse (Part One)

In this video, Jonathan Talat Philips, director of, talks to
the Reverend Billy (aka Bill Talen) and his wife Savitri D. about the
"revelatory experience" of "radical instability" that's created by visionary activism. His Church of Life After Shopping uses a singing, dancing choir to stage actions in
"contested spaces" like Starbucks.

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Buy Nothing Day Dance

Celebrate this year's Buy Nothing Day with a "dance your debt away" extravaganza at Union Square, NYC. Also, check out the Ten Commandments of Buylessness.

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Last Rites at Astroland

These are the out of control last days of the Bloomberg administration,
as fat cats are dealt parks and neighborhoods and air-space in
large-scale privatizations.  We are witnessing a time in our city's
history that will be called corrupt.  We will know better after it's
too late.  Meanwhile, what will be left of New York City?

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