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Nature Loves to Hide: An Interview with Paul S. McDonald

In this interview for Reality Sandwich Prof. McDonald reflects on the differences between the concepts of daimons and.demons, including how and why demons replaced daimons in the popular imagination, the importance of Jung to historians of alchemy, prehistoric stone circles, Hegel as a Hermeticist, Stephanos of Alexandria, and much more.

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The Art of Divine Inebriation: An Interview with Gwyllm Llwydd

From living next door to the Grateful Dead to a 80s new wave band with iconic guitarist Nels Cline to the psychedelic music, and spoken word stream Radio EarthRites to famed acid blotter art, Gwyllm Lwydd exemplifies a certain kind of renaissance man receiving too little attention in the media, and perhaps in history as well.

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The Lost Heritage of the Psychedelic West: Interview with Tom Hatsis

Psychedelic subculture was not the invention of the 1960s. Author Tom Hatsis brings light to the Telestai of Eleusis, the Mysteries of Isis, the Dionysian cult, and the magical rituals of Thessalian witches, finding evidence in the Jewish, Roman, and Gnostic traditions that despite centuries old official prohibitions, knowledge of the lost tribal heritage persisted in secretive ways.

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The American Renaissance Tarot: Interview with Thea Wirsching

For the first time, the design of a new deck is inspired by America’s occult literary heritage. Thea Wirsching Ph.D, co-developer of the American Renaissance Tarot deck, is a wounded healer, astrology, priestess of SekhMet. Her life and work deserve an interview, but this one is dedicated to our discussion of this unique new tarot deck.

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