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Souldish NYC: 12/18-24

This week on Souldish enjoy the guitar music of Gabriel Gray of Datura, get nearly naked at a Steamy Dance Party at the Russian Baths, go deep with Psybotik 13, and groove to drum n' bass at Konkrete Konspiracy's Khristmas party.

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Souldish NYC: 12/04-10

This week's Souldish picks include DJ Spooky’s Sinfonia Antarctica at BAM, Spin Spin’s Phish at Stitch, Mitch Horowitz’s presentation of
Occult America and RefugeNYC's Black Spy/White Spy Party.

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Souldish NYC: 11/20-26

This week's events on Souldish include a debate between Daniel Pinchbeck and Howard Bloom, an all-out, all-night art party at Seed, Rebirth's trippy Winter Wonderland, and The Money Fix screening and filmaker Q&A.

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Souldish NYC: 11/13 -18

This week on Souldish you can Illuminate with Parashakti, learn the
delicate art of Kimchi with Evolver, join Souldish for The Money Fix,
Dance to Tryptophanatic Vibes at Seed, and much more!

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Souldish NYC: Nov 6 -14

Seeding Gift Culture with Charles Eisenstein, One Love Community Drum Circle, Archaic Revival’s Hypnagogia and more this week on Souldish.

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Souldish NYC: Oct 16-22

This week's Souldish events include The Art of Ink, the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, The Importance of Being Wilde, Healthy Living Week at East West Living and much more!

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Souldish NYC Events October 9 – 15, 2009

This week, Souldish serves up a spicy simmer of Autumnal fun with the Fierce Light screening and workshop with Velcrow Ripper, Opus Novus at Seed, the Nonsense NYC 10th Anniversary salon show at Brooklyn's 3rd Ward, Health Week at East West Living and more!

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Souldish NYC Events 8/29 – 9/9

In this issue of Souldish on the Radar, NYC Events, find out how you
can get
Stranded with Winkel and Balktick at their Galapagos Islands Warehouse
Adventure, witness the return of cool, learn about lighting in video
and photography or how Body Heat is smashing open femme stereotypes,
watch No Impact Man, Chakrasize your body, or celebrate the full moon
with Alex Grey and the CoSM crew upstate, plus more.  Have fun!  Please
send event listings to [email protected]

'til next week,

)))))Souldish Featured Events(((((
1. Rebirth 8/29 Cancelled
2. Stranded 9/5
3.  Evolve Yoga and Music Festival 9/4 – 9/8
4.  Other events
5.  Workshops
6.  Future Mischief
7.  ID Project call for participants
8. Special Announcement about the Meetup at the Horizon's conference
from the Psychedelic and Entheogenic Society of New York City
9. Links

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Souldish NYC Events 8/13 – 8/20 2009

Greetings New Yorkers,

Fuel your rockets kiddies there’s a boatload of parties going on
this weekend, pun intended.  Make sure your shoes are comfortable
because you’re going to be doing a lot of dancing.  Don your costumes
and get your freak on.  On Friday, jet off to the Intergalactic
Planetary house-party within a three floor self-made mansion deep in
the dark heart of Brooklyn.  Archaic Revival is back with another
psychedelic art/video party this time at Refuge in BK, which is going
to be better than ever.   Boom Boat and Overboard are Saturday’s
party/fundraiser highlights brought to you by Figment and Disorient,
respectively, and then there’s the Dance of Vice for the truly
decadent.  But before you go there, be sure to check out the very cute
and wonderfully talented Tom Milson, beloved friend of the Gossamer
Court at Strawberry Fields in the early afternoon.  If that isn’t
enough, Globesonic is back spinning a free dance party on the pier, but
before you go, stop by Imagenode and make a  blinkie for your evening
costume.    On Sunday, you can take a trip upstate and see CoSM’s new
Art Sanctuary, they are presenting Alash: Old New Tuvan Music. 
Remember to save the date and some energy for’s next Spore,
Shamanic Panic on the 19th.   You won’t want to miss it and besides
what else could possibly be more interesting on a Wednesday evening? 
Plus there’s more…

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