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Sarah Maiden

On the Subject of Psychic Self Defence

Psychic attack is a real as any other invisible illness. Chronic fatigue syndrome, paranoia, obsessive compulsive disorder are all diseases of vague origin. What matters is your ability to change the game with conviction and redefine yourself.

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The Magickal Oil of Hashish

I believe that early Christians and ancient European shamans made use of cannabis. We are just beginning to relearn what these people knew;
cannabis oil is a magical substance capable of healing a variety of maladies.

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On the Edge of Life and Death: The Niños Santos Way

When I first encountered the mushrooms, I had
been taking antidepressants
for years. The mushrooms told me I was an addict and that the pills were toxic to
me. After
being hospitalized due to my reaction to Paxil at age 19, I decided the mushrooms were
right. Eventually, I met a Mazatec
grandmother who holds a Niños Santos lineage of curandisimo. 

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