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Jeremy D Johnson

Mondo 2000 retrospective in Wired – UPDATED

When I saw my first issue of “Reality Hackers” — at a bookstore I was working at in high-school — I knew I wanted to keep reading this magazine, and made my boss place a big order for the next issue, which was called “Mondo 2000.” UPDATE: ZOMG!

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A Buddhist View of Psychedelics

Austin Hill Shaw examines how Buddhist cosmology and entheogenic experience can work together for healing, clarity and resetting. Do you think entheogenic and Buddhist paths can align?

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Erin: An Interview with Robert Dickins

Erin’s mysterious plot unravels thread by thread as the colors, lights, and morphing faces of the festival go-ers whiz by on the narrator’s tongue. I spoke with author and editorial director of PsyPress UK Robert Dickins about Erin and writing psychedelic literature today.

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