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Sharon Gannon

Yoga in Egypt

The Bible talks about Egyptian priests as wise men who were able to perform magic, make themselves invisible, and cast spells by uttering incantations or mantras. Many ancient yogic scriptures describe similar accomplishments as a result of yoga practices.

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Yoga and Money

We are on the brink of an
apocalypse that some have prophesied will result in a radical shift in how we
relate to time. The yogic practice of greedlessness can shift our relation to time; when we let go of the
habit of accumulating money and material things, we might have a chance to drop
into the present, where our true multidimensional self
exists, and where our
destiny will be revealed.

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What Does Yoga Have to Do with Vegetarianism?

Yoga's popularity has grown tremendously in the midst of a global crisis, because it  promises to transform our ways of relating to animals, the Earth, and one another. The most important part of yoga practice may happen three times a day when you sit down to eat.

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Yoga as Spiritual Activism

The growing popularity of yoga at this time of global transformation is not a coincidence. A yogi is someone who strives to live harmoniously with the earth, to be aware of the interconnection of all beings and things in our world. Yoga teaches that we are inseparably woven into the great web of life, matter, and cosmic space.

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