Rak Razam

The Gringo Shaman – Ron Wheelock

Interview with Ron Wheelock, the ‘Gringo Shaman’ of Iquitos, about ayahuasca, westerners drinking ayahuasca, his own spiritual path and how he came to work with this most potent of vegetal medicines.

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Aya: Awakenings Portland Feb 20th 2014

Writer-Producer Rak Razam is joined by author and filmmaker Charles Shaw, Gayle from the ayahuasca.com forums, and artist Gwyllm Llwydd in a provocative discussion about shamanism and ayahuasca culture as it is absorbed back into the Western mainframe.

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Somara: Shamanic Medicine Forum – Down Under

Shamanic medicine and plant culture was the focus of the Somara Shamanic Medicine Forum held in Byron Bay Feb 7 and 8. Interest in shamanic practices, which have been with us for millennia, is growing in Australia and western countries.

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Mushroom Oracle

Can we trust the voice of the mushroom, what McKenna calls the ‘Logos’? Is the psilocybin frequency a portal for the faerie folk, the fey, or other star beings? Are women more sensitive to ecstatic states of both sensuality and shamanism? Ask the Oracle…

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