The Status of Knowledge

Jung thought we have four psychic functions: thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuition. It is more often asserted nowadays that humans have seven or more kinds of intelligence.

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Emergence of the Entheopolitan

A mass transmutation is occurring on our planet, leading to the
emergence of a new kind of transhuman being: the Entheopolitan. The complex dissipative environment in
which this shape shift
is happening has unintended consequences.

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Gambhira Lila

To understand the play of surface events in the world — whether social
and political upheavals, natural cataclysmic events and gradual shifts
such as climate change, or unpredictable and uncanny events in one's
personal life — it is necessary to understand the deep play of the
Supreme Intelligence that underlies and pervades reality.

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What Is To Be Done?

We have tried occupying Wall Street. Now let us create new
streets without walls. Wall Street will fall of its own dead weight. Let us choose the unknown, not the known
exhausted ways of the past; let us give Gaia a good reason to allow us to
continue our project of conscious existence as beings of peace,
benevolence, and loving unity.

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Psi Lens, Please…

Silence is our psi lens. Only in inner silence can the source of
consciousness be realized. This ultimate source is the key to
understanding reality. Our current form of science lacks this key. We
must create a true and complete psience in place of our defective
materialist object-centric science. 

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Ecstasy and the Eschaton

Many people
still want to waste time arguing over how serious a crisis is this
really, or whether any leader can be trusted to guide us through the
transition, or if renunciation of egoic jouissance is a necessary part of a redemptive path, or whether
grace will simply descend upon us all one day. Thankfully,
there is no more time for such barren debates.

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Beyond the Anguish of Impossibility

The tragic sense is
the power behind religion. God is an impossible concept. This has led, on
the one hand, to rampant agnosticism and, on the other, to the silence of the
Buddha. Today, instead of recognizing and accepting impossibility, we defiantly demand the impossible.

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Occupy the Heart!

The ego is
adept at seducing us into a state of self-righteousness. It is this
that enables us to justify a turn to violence. If we fall into an urban guerilla war scenario, the
proverbial gates of Hell will open. Perhaps it is our karma for this to
happen, but it is not too late to repent and take a higher road and hold a vision of loving inclusiveness, of universal peace.

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The Power of Art

The artist is a
shaman. The artist's role, especially in the West, has always been to alter the
state of consciousness of the viewer, and to force the big Other, the collective superego, to face its own shadow — as well as to face
the super-consciousness, the One that is beyond the Other, that it denies.

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