City of Refuge

These days, most of the popular media that address the future paint a fairly dismal picture of our possibilities. For me it is a writer’s responsibility to hold out some hope.

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The Fifth Sacred Thing

The Fifth Sacred Thing is an upcoming feature film based on Starhawk's bestselling novel. Starhawk hosts the live, interactive Evolver course, "Empowerment Through Collaboration: How to Create Transformative Community," starting July 2.

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2012, Climate Change and Permaculture

Shamans and scholars tell us that the close of this
great cycle of the Mayan calendar is not the cue for apocalypse but
rather a new beginning. Yet scientists are now predicting a 4 degree temperature
rise, which will indeed mean the end of civilization as we know it, if
not of human life on earth.  The time we live in is a crucial turning point.  What can we do?

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Developing Elders

Groups need elders: people who put the needs of the group
first and help keep its balance. Not every old person is wise. Some "elders" may
be young, yet blessed with wisdom.  We may become elders and gain social power in
many constructive ways.

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An Open Letter to the Occupy Movement: Why We Need Agreements

The framework that might best serve the
Occupy movement is one of strategic nonviolent direct action. Within that
framework, Occupy groups would make clear agreements about which tactics to use
for a given action. This frame seeks to
create a dilemma for the opposition, and to dramatize the difference between
our values and theirs.

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Making The Fifth Sacred Thing Movie — A Magical Experiment

Stories frame reality for us, telling us what is possible and showing us how we
might act. The Fifth
Sacred Thing is a story that has influenced
hundreds of thousand of people.  My
determination to make it into a movie comes from
my belief that a story can become a magical working, a spell.

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Collapse and Elections: My Lessons from Katrina

While my long-term vision is a world of empowered, decentralized communities in charge of their own destinies, there's a short term problem we desperately need to address: completely transforming our technology, our energy infrastructure, our economy, our food, manufacturing and transportation systems to a zero carbon basis, and doing it in a way that furthers social justice. I don't think Obama will be our savior. But if he's elected, the wind will shift.

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