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Stephen Hershey

Facebook Privacy

As you may already know, Facebook has changed their privacy rules for the umpteenth time. In response, a status update has gone viral that users think will protect them from inappropriate content theft. I offer an improved version of the statement.

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Druids On Film

Every Friday in March, catch "One Thousand Chemical Hypotheses Concerning The Subterranean Realm" at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood, CA. [Video]

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The Coherent Heart: A Discussion with Dr. Rollin McCraty

"Our studies have also shown that the more one becomes coherent, the more one has access to or is aligned with their higher selves…" A discussion with Institute of HeartMath's Dr. Rollin McCraty about the harmonic link between our hearts and their psychic environment.

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What Would Jesus Occupy?

The growing encampment of protesters outside St. Paul’s cathedral in London challenges the values and virtues of religious authority.

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Artists Of The Night

Starting on September 15th, ACA Galleries hosts works by Pablo Amaringo, Alex Grey, and Mieshiel in a groundbreaking new exhibition,“Shamanic Illuminations.”

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Collective Mythology

This July, Weaponized releases "Immanence of Myth," a new anthology of essays, ideas, and interviews on the sacred mysteries of mythology.

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Censorship in the UK

A YouTube video depicting a government protest has been censored in the UK following a recent mass deletion of activist Facebook groups. [Video]

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