Sunny Strasburg

Violence and the Need for Tribalism

intentional tribes and rites of passage can restore a sense of purpose,
belonging, respect, and morality. Tribal morality can be
assimilated into the psyche, to create
a lasting frame of relevance for the individual's gifts.

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Oil Spill as Archetypal Myth

I see the tragedy of the Oil Spill as an archetypal symbol of our collective shadow. Our suppression and denial of our addiction to oil–our emotional denial–cannot be ignored any longer. Our collective psyches have produced a symbol so big, so in our faces, that we cannot shove it down and suppress it.

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Polyamory: Label or Process?

What does the label "polyamory" mean? Literally, many loves. To truly be free to love requires a deep trust in the resonance within oneself, and the discernment to recognize and honor that quality in others.

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