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Jonathan Talat Phillips

Pop Singer Ben Lee Comes out of “The Ayahuasca Closet”

In this interview, the ever-shape-shifting pop singer Ben Lee discusses his ambitious new album, "Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work," the spirituality of Fugazi shows, how chi gong practices changed his live performances, and why aya is “the perfect medicine for this time.”

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Sexedelic: Tantric Healing Through Psychedelics

When it comes to the human experience, few things are as alchemically powerful as sex and the ingestion of entheogens.  The combination of these two is like adding rocket fuel to the body electric. Used safely, it can blast you to luminous stratospheres of healing, intimacy, ecstatic states of consciousness, and yes, heart-opening, body-quaking orgasms.

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Waxing “Sacred Economics” with Charles Eisenstein

In this interview, I talk with the RS contributor and Sacred Economics author about the
ritualistic origins of money, negative interest
banking, the spirit of the gift, the morphing future of Occupy, and the strange alchemical art of
making economics sacred.

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The 5th Annual Ayahuasca Monologues

"Gossip Girl's" Penn Badgley has joined Allyson and Alex Grey, Chris Kilham, and more at this year's NYC Ayahuasca Monologues (Thurs, Oct. 4). If you can't be there in person, you can now catch it all through our online video Evolver Intenstives program.

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Nets of Being: An Interview with Alex Grey

In this interview, CoSM co-founder Alex Grey discusses how he turned from suicidal nihilist
to visionary painter, the convergence of psychedelics and Tibetan
Buddhism, holding together a marriage involving two artists, and
live-painting with Beats Antique and the Disco Biscuits.

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Top 10 Books of the New Edge

A generation of avant-garde writers are making conscious magazine headlines and electrifying the festival-speakers' circuit. Featuring a brutally honest look at the shadow self, and society at large, these books are not fluffy New Age reads. They are harder to define, hosting a multidimensional mix of spiritual awakening, new media activism, punk attitude, Burning Man aesthetic, and Occupy ideologies. 

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