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Jonathan Talat Phillips

The Healing Power of Anger

Many healers and seekers prefer the “spiritual bypass” when it comes
to addressing anger.  But anger is a lot like fire.  Yes, it can burn and destroy, but it can also serve as an extraordinary evolutionary
gift. Anger is power, personal power, and when merged with love, it can
give us strength to do things we never would have imagined.

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Energy Medicine School

Join me (an RS Co-Founder) on a journey of inner healing that will empower you as a
trained hands-on-healing professional with Reiki Master certification. 
Taking place during five weekends throughout the year, this unique
program combines a rare integration of Reiki healing techniques and
Bioenergetic Therapy.

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Evolver Spores: The Spirit of Water

This Wed, more than thirty-five Evolver Regionals will explore the mystery, history, and contemporary politics of water. We welcome all those in the Evolver/RS network to join us for a healing blessing for the Gulf at 10:30pm EST. Hosted by and The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance. (July 21) [Video]

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A Nation of Masochists?

After writing an RS article about the
psychopathic defenses of U.S. power structures, it hit
me that our mass population may have a reactionary personality type to
our nation’s overarching one.  If so, according to Bioenergetic
therapy, millions of Americans might suffer from masochism.  If so, what can we do about it?

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Join Evolver Philly, Baltimore, and me as we present "Opening the World's Heart Chakra: Energy Sacred Geometry and the Evolver Social Movement" at the Philadelphia Experiment Summer Festival in Darlington, Maryland. Fri, July 2, 6pm.

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