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Jonathan Talat Phillips

Evolving in LA

If you're in the LA area, I hope you'll join me for a discussion, "Opening the World's Heart Chakra," at Lightning in a Bottle (May 28-31).  I'll also be speaking at the LA Spore on May 26 and the Long Beach Spore on May 27, and look forward to meeting fellow Evolvers then.

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New Spores Coming to You

Toronto, Tallahasee, Columbus, Des Moines, St. Louis, and Budapest will be kick-starting the consciousness movement in their towns with monthly Evolver Spores.  If you're living in these cities, we invite you to contact the local regional coordinator and get involved.

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The Sacred Geometry of a Consciousness Movement

Here’s the story of how I gave up on electoral politics, started seeing auras, and met up with Daniel Pinchbeck to help found Reality Sandwich and This gives a behind the scenes view of why we started the Spores and discusses the large-scale healing potential of a consciousness movement.

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Philly Road Trip

Evolver founders Daniel Pinchbeck, Ken Jordan, and I will be road-tripping to Philadelphia to celebrate their Psychedelics Spore on Wed, March 24.

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Talk to Charles Eisenstein

[Backstage] Here's your chance to ask RS contributor and Ascent of Humanity author Charles Eisenstein your questions about the power of the gift, miracle consciousness, and restoring the sacred in our world. (Wed, Feb 24)

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Evolver Spores: A New Look at Love

Get intimate with Evolvers in more than 30 cities as we discuss the changing dynamics of love, sex, and union as a transformative process to heal the traumas of our world.  Find your local Spore or start your own. (Feb. 17)

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