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Jonathan Talat Phillips

Evolver Spores: Give It Up

This Wednesday, join more than 30 Evolver regionals and Burners without Borders in exploring emerging gift economies.  Find your local Spore or start your own.

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Evolver Spores: Take Back the Power

This Wed, Dec 16, thirty Evolver regionals will discuss the future of energy in hopes of navigating a soft landing for the fossil fuelpower-down. Find your local Spore or start your own.

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Top News on Evolver

The climate chronicles, debtor's revolt, economics is not natural science, and the mysterious disappearing/ reappearing Russian cargo ship are's top news stories.

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Treating America’s Psychopathy

When it comes to bioenergetic defense structures, the United States is first and foremost a “psychopath.”  How do we treat this condition in the land of “God, guns, and country” and can these destructive energies be transmuted to help manifest a global shift in consciousness?

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Evolver Town Hall: NYC

This Sunday, celebrate the beta launch of with a city-wide gathering of innovating
individuals and groups who are transforming NYC.

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Jesus, Marx, and Spiritual Economics

The Twelve Tribes were funky Christian Marxists who "worked like capitalists, but divided the money like communists." Although they had each taken a vow of poverty, they somehow managed to have "an abundance of everything."

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We Are All Shamans: Interview with Itzhak Beery

Shaman Portal founder Itzhak Beery shares how a mid-life crisis led to his shamanic apprenticeship with a powerful Quechuan Yachak in Ecuador. He discusses tricks of the trade and the many roles of a shaman, as well as what happens if we don't “tune into our own powers” and spiritual calling. [Podcast]

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