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Tony Torn

Inhabiting John Lilly

“The Scientist: An Evening with John C. Lilly” by Jon Leon Torn is a multimedia solo performance piece that depicts the spiritual and experimental journey of one of the most creative and controversial thinkers of the 20th century. He took some time out of rehearsals to chat with his brother, actor-director Tony Torn, about the piece.

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Poetry Occupies the People’s Library

In the fall of 2011, a visionary sub-group of OWS protesters lived in Zuccotti Park, connecting to each other through the language of poetry. Since their forced removal by Bloomberg, librarian Stephen J. Boyer has committed his efforts towards compiling and publishing The Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, a "spiritual biography of the movement."

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Obama: Antichrist Superstar?

It's an odd case of life imitating art. The McCain campaign released an ad which lampoons Obama for behaving like the second coming of Jesus Christ. It shares many themes and images with my web miniseries, The Grand Inquisitor.

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The Golden Compass: The Anti-Narnia?

Unlike the successful movies based on C.S. Lewis's Narnia series, the film version of Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass failed in U.S. theaters – perhaps due to right-wing critics who labelled it a "stealth atheism" campaign. With multi-million dollar movie franchises at stake, a controversy surrounds both authors' work that challenges our society's limited vision of the divine.

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