Wendy Strgar

Stimulus Package for Relationships

Real human face-to-face interaction affects everything from thinking skills to maintaining a healthy immune system. Now more than ever we need to teach and learn that real-time, real life relationships are the priority. Life is a social event, not a virtual one.

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Three Forms of Forgiveness

Marcus Aurelius wrote, "The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer." We are not trained well in love or sex or forgiveness, though they have the power to heal if we have the right intention and an open heart.

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The Mysterious O

All bodies come equipped
with the tools for orgasm, yet without the proper education and
opportunity to practice, many people never successfully achieve the
synergy of mind, body and spirit to release this unique and
revelatory experience.

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Pain and Pleasure

The act of loving – in whatever form – requires a willingness to
experience both the pain and the pleasure. This is the piece of sustaining
loving relationships that is easy to miss, or at least misunderstand,
and tragically the place where we walk away from the heart of what we
want most.

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First, Love Yourself

I have been thinking about self-love lately, and not the emotional kind. The month of May has recently been named National Masturbation Month, in recognition of the most common sexual practice on the planet. It's not just for lonely people, either.

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Sustainable Love

Loving another person is one of the most challenging and elevated skills to develop. Still, as complicated and messy as loving relationships can be, they are also the only avenue to the mind-blowing, wow-that-was-amazing sex we long for most.

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