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NYC Special Edition Report

A few weeks ago I attended the NYC Special Edition — the very first of its kind. At first glance, Special Edition seems like an offshoot of the fall Comic Con, but this would be missing a subtle and important point.

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The Pace of Modern Life

Do new technologies make us less intelligent, more antisocial? As it turns out, this debate has been going on for a long, long time. Check out this interesting comic that puts it all in perspective. Thanks to comic artist, XKCD.

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Mythology Illustrated

In the style of progressive graphic novels like Maus by Art Spiegelman and the Testament series by Douglas Rushkoff, Varitan's new Illustrated Greek Myths is a visionary collection of old stories with hip new twists. (Book Reading, April 3, NYC).

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Testament: A Comic Book for the Ages

Reality Sandwich conributor Douglas Rushkoff discusses his acclaimed comic book series Testament – a hypertextual, progressive reworking of Biblical stories into modern day relevance. "The Bible tells the story of how a faulty model can get mistaken for reality, and how that can slowly rob us of our humanity. It seem these myths are not only relevant, but living."

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