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Remembering Fantasia

Walt Disney’s Fantasia reimagined music as a motion picture of innovative animation. This article explores the imagination, history, and making of Fantasia.

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Dying to Know: A Talk with Filmmaker Gay Dillingham

Reality Sandwich caught up with director Gay Dillingham while she was in town for the New York run of Dying to Know, a candid documentary that captures the reunion between longtime collaborators Timothy Leary and Ram Dass after Leary’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

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Going Further: An Interview with Filmmaker Lindsay Kent

In 2014, Furthur, the legendary magic bus that carried Ken Kesey and his Merry Band of Pranksters across country in 1964, hit the road again to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. ‘m delighted to interview Lindsay Kent, a multi-talented filmmaker at the heart of a fascinating documentary about the 2014 Furthur trip.

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