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CHAPPiE: Failing From Great Heights

CHAPPiE is the mainstream cinema’s latest robo-epic. It’s a strange combination of District 9, Short Circuit and the original Robocop all remixed with popular themes out of the current mainstream geopolitical paradigm.

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Eye of the Tiger Remix (ft. White Tiger)

White Tiger, a name that has now organically grown to be more popular in the festival community than Kombucha. He stands stall at 6 foot 6”, usually wearing nothing but a thong & sunglasses. He has a body that’s half steel/ half tiger, skin that’s bord…

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Tuning in to the Current Running Through Everything

In this clip from the upcoming film, “Time is Art: Synchronicity and The Collective Dream,” Jennifer Palmer meets with Evolver Network organizer Magenta Imagination Healer to talk about what she’s been experiencing during a time of profound personal change.

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Burning Man Video Wins California Emmy

Burning Man wins a Northern California Emmy, or at least this KQED video did! Check out a six-minute story about the awe-inspiring, often interactive, art at Burning Man and the countless volunteers and hours that go into its creation and preservation.

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