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Inhabiting John Lilly

“The Scientist: An Evening with John C. Lilly” by Jon Leon Torn is a multimedia solo performance piece that depicts the spiritual and experimental journey of one of the most creative and controversial thinkers of the 20th century. He took some time out of rehearsals to chat with his brother, actor-director Tony Torn, about the piece.

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Jeramie Bellmay’s Perception Altar

Bellmay is an artist in every imaginable sense of the word. Both dance and visual arts have always been at the forefront of his life. The visions that he now brings to his audience to the furthest vistas he can venture out on in his mind’s eye.

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Freely Speaking: A Talk with Ai Weiwei

I recently interviewed Chinese artist and social activist Ai Weiwei, whose dissident art has made him a target of the Chinese government. We discussed the importance of free expression, China's history, and why China's current system is failing.

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