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Podcast #93 Connecting With Source

Join Shannon Shine as she interviews artist Mike Hancock about his artwork and specifically a piece that he created as a way of reconnecting himself to the divine.

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Podcast #92 Artistic Inspiration

Gavin Gonzo Gerundo’s colorful pointillistic images radiate a shamanistic quality which links us to a spiritual animal kingdom. With his prismatic color and motion, his addition of pulsating lights brings a new immersive art experience to the viewer.

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Podcast #80 Art Can Free Us

Marlon Gunby was incarcerated at a young age and while he was in prison, he found art which was a way for him to escape the concrete walls. It also helped him find purpose in life once he got out.

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How Love Can Get You Out of Trouble

Taking a trip into the mind of Luke Brown is a journey few have taken. He creates exceptional looking visionary artwork, many of which start out as hand-crafted prints and evolve into digital imagery, as you’ll see in this video.

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