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Standing Rock: Water Is Life

What the current pipeline dispute in North Dakota is really all about is how we, as the human family, wish to live in the twenty-first century. Two very different philosophies and lifeways are at issue, one deeply connected to spirit and the sacred beauty of Mother Earth, the other utterly disconnected, regarding the material realm as nothing more than an economic resource.

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Standing Rock: A Change of Heart

I am told by Native American friends active at Standing Rock that the elders are counseling the Water Protectors to undertake each action prayerfully and to stay off the warpath. I would like to explain why this advice is not only spiritually sound, but politically astute as well.

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From Burning Man to Standing Rock

An in-depth conversation with Bianca Heyming: herbalist, healer, co-founder of the eco-village and intentional community Emerald Village in California, Burner, and Standing Rock water protector.

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Virtual Reality at Standing Rock: An Interview with Jeris JC Miller

Jeris JC Miller is a global leader in social media, and a member of Shifting POV, a collective of virtual and augmented reality film makers, educators and artists that are documenting the Standing Rock protests. In this interview, she shares her eyewitness report of the brutality perpetrated against peaceful water protectors by law enforcement on Nov. 20.

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The Women of Standing Rock: An Interview with Shannon Kring

Critically acclaimed author, director, and humanitarian Shannon Kring talks about the making of her documentary about the women of Standing Rock, her experience filming secret rites all over the world, becoming the official Good Will Ambassador of Honduras, and more in this interview.

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Notes from Standing Rock

Linda Black Elk is a tribal coordinator of the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council, Lecturer in Ethnobotany at Sitting Bull College, as well as full time teacher and mother of young children. With her permission, I arranged some of her writing about Standing Rock into prose poems. This is the third in a series of Standing Rock Protectors features.

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I didn’t start the Zuckerberg controversy, that was started by Google in 2008, but I ENDED IT with my amazingly successful Facebook posts. And I really have to congratulate myself on my successful winning with that, and the truly amazing things . . .

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