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Standing Rock Protectors Interview: Cosme Duarte

Standing Rock protesters are fighting to preserve the sacred rites and burial places of indigenous peoples, and protect their water. This interview with Cosme Duarte, a warrior and protector of Standing Rock, is the first in a series.

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What Did You Call Me?

The healing that we see is so needed will not come from Black Lives Matter backing down, changing language, acquiescing. Even though it may sound novel to suggest that healing comes from continuing the advancement of one of the antagonists.

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Political Shamanism and the Subtle Energetics of Racism

The soul is the subtle field of relations. Souls can and do get ill. The white American soul has such an illness. It is bigger than any individual and, absent specific work to undo its patterning, affects every individual who belongs to that collective energetic reality.

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CBD-Rich Cannabis Versus Single-Molecule CBD

A ground-breaking study has documented the superior therapeutic properties of whole plant Cannabis extract as compared to synthetic cannabidiol (CBD), challenging the medical-industrial complex’s notion that “crude” botanical preparations are less effective than single-molecule compounds.

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Seed Libraries Fight for the Right to Share

Sharing seeds may sound innocuous enough, yet this increasingly popular exchange—and wider seed access—is under attack by agriculture officials interpreting seed laws and powerful corporations expanding their proprietary and market control.

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Activism in the New Story

Play and celebration seem frivolous in the face of a relentless world-destroying machine that recognizes no logic but the logic of force. Shouldn’t that wait until we have something to celebrate? I think it is quite the opposite.

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Decolonize Consciousness

Evolver Network Sporeganizers and special guests sat down for a 2 hour online webinar roundtable to to offer ideas and suggestions on how to become aware of oppressive behaviors within ourselves as settlers and in our conscious movements.

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The End of War

In a more and more obviously interconnected age, the habit of war is becoming harder to sustain. Whether in politics, medicine, or our relationship to nature, the program of overcoming an enemy is less and less useful.

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