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‘Weed Fairy’ in Seattle giving away bud on flyers

Marijuana smokers, would you toke up on pot nuggets taped to a flyer on a telephone pole in the street? That’s what one woman in Seattle did this past holiday weekend. Recreational marijuana use is legal there. Her flyers read, “These are tough times. Take this weed. And keep your spirits high.”

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Shoot Cameras Not Guns

Diana Sabreen, and the non-profit she runs, Shoot Cameras Not Guns teach photography as a tool for social change and self-expression to people dealing with political oppression in Burma, Thailand, Kenya and to youth at risk in Denver.

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How to Occupy the Noosphere

Standing on stage with the notorious Guy Fawkes mask, filmmaker and speaker Ian Mackenzie delivers a powerful message at TEDx Victoria. “This is not revolution,” he says, “this is metamorphosis.”

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An Interview with John Trudell

At the beginning of Trudell the documentary there is a quote from an
FBI memo: "He is extremely eloquent…therefore extremely
dangerous." For years John has portrayed law
enforcement as the security force for corporations, allowing them to cheaply extract natural resources at a high cost in life. He reminds us the war against natives is ongoing.

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Occupy: Reflecting on Year One

It’s an understandable tendency some might have, given the recent first anniversary of Occupy, to ask such blunt questions as "What has Occupy accomplished?" But in true Occupy spirit, the best way to tackle this question is to assume nothing and reflect on the question itself. 

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Re-Occupation 2.0

Occupy was both a militant political movement and a community. Public support was, in large part, for the community — the mutual support and care that been lost in a culture where everything has a
price. We need to re-occupy…but with the support of the larger community created by our care.

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Squat the Condos!!!

In 2010, I released a album called "Squat the Condos!" Little did I know, two years later, a world-wide movement would emerge that addressed many of the points raised on the album. Occupy has unleashed the warrior spirit of
everyday people. This spirit destroys what is no longer necessary,
fights what is oppressive, and builds what is now needed.

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A Fish Out of Water: Occupy and the New Media Environment

Occupiers' alternative media infrastructure shook the mainstream
media trance. We are realizing that the urge to rebel is
everywhere. But the new anonymous power of the multitude to "culture jam" and create
discourse around power and control can also be used irresponsibly, even
dangerously. From Occupy Consciousness, a new free anthology. 

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