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The Machines of the Gods

There is stunning evidence that ancient Greek Temples used sophisticated machinery to create illusion and magic–these were the machines of the gods.

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History of Area 51 and Alien Sightings

 With the Internet in an uproar and the government on high alert, a Facebook event meant to be a joke, took a serious turn. Matty Roberts created the “Storm Area 51” event, which is set to take place on September 20, 2019. As of now, two million people claim that they are going to storm

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Emergence of Sekhmet: Twelve Interviews

Sekhmet has reawakened, her devotees say, now when the world most needs the truth and justice Sekhmet represents. We were interested in finding out what Sekhmet’s devotees are experiencing, so we interviewed twelve devotees from around the world.

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John Major Jenkins 1964-2017

Jonathan Zap will talk about the life and work of his friend, Mayan scholar John Major Jenkins, on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, late Mon. night to Tue morning (see article for times and ways to listen).

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Graham Hancock is Giving a TEDx Talk Tomorrow

Graham Hancock is giving his first TEDx talk since his controversial TEDx talk on consciousness three years ago. This TEDx Reading talk takes place tomorrow, March 26, and asks the question: “Is the house of history build on foundations of sand?”

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Masonic Templary III: The Contents of the Cup

Soma’s identification has eluded scholars for centuries. It is spoken of in the Vedas as a plant, a libation, a drug, a bull, and even a deity. Soma is not unlike the fruit of the tree of life in Judeo-Christian lore or the legendary amrita or food of the Greek gods.

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