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The Rise of Planetary Entrepreneurship

I see the prolific rise of the co-working space as speaking to an even deeper anecdote, one that points to the human need for community, connection, autonomy, and the type of nourishment that late stage capitalism just doesn’t offer.

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It Takes a Village: Peer-to-peer Milksharing

is the optimal form of infant nutrition, but breastfeeding is not
possible for everyone, leaving many to rely upon the formula
industry. Milksharing
provides an alternative that feeds babies, saves money, and weaves
together human lives.

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The Real Energy Shortage

Many analysts paint a bleak picture of our
future: we don't have enough energy or capital to
sustain our civilization. But if we shift perspective, we might see this as an internal, fear-based collective projection rather than the

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The Gen Y Guide to Collaborative Consumption

Together, we’re learning that instead of waiting for politicians and corporations to fix the system, it’s possible to create a better one of our own, right under their noses. If you’re ready to connect with people who can help you save money, pursue your passions, and reduce waste, here's a quick-start guide to your sharing experience.

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