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Drug Laws

Guatemala looking at legalized poppy production

Searching for alternatives to the failed war on drugs, the Government of Guatemala is looking at poppy production in a legal and controlled manner. President Otto Perez Molina’s was the only voice raised in the Western Hemisphere in support of the Government of Uruguay authorizing the legalization of marijuana.

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How US Federal Prosecutors Force Drug Defendants to Plead Guilty

The 126-page report details how prosecutors throughout the United States extract guilty pleas from federal drug defendants by charging or threatening to charge them with offenses carrying harsh mandatory sentences and by seeking additional mandatory increases to those sentences. Prosecutors offer defendants a much lower sentence in exchange for pleading guilty.

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What’s So Bad About Casual Drug Use?

So Representative Trey Radel, the Republican from Florida, a self-styled ” conservative voice” in Congress, has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession. And Toronto’s city council has stripped Mayor Rob Ford of much of his power after it came out that he had smoked crack (never mind that Ford’s well-known drunken antics were not cause for such censure).

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Free Oshan

Oshan has been building a community tea house called "Om Shan Tea" tea temple in the Mission District for the last several years. Now this dear friend has been put in jail and is facing a probable sentence of 10 to 15 years in prison for possession of psychedelics. 

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Let’s Talk about Drugs

I was recently interviewed by Cara Lavan of about drugs, the drug war, personal freedom and cognitive liberty.
The interview captures key points to take into account if we
are to get to grips with these issues in society. [VIDEO]

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