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Animal Reactions to Crop Circles

What made a Rottweiler rushing ahead of its owner into a crop circle suddenly stop dead, roll over, and fall asleep just before it reached a terrified woman sitting meditating in the center?

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Exopolitics with Laura Eisenhower on PBM2L

We interview cosmic mythologist, international speaker and whistleblower Laura Eisenhower about Exopolitics. The politics of things off world. Laura, the great granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower discusses a rumor that he signed a treaty with an alien race.

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A Close Encounter with Betty Hill

In preparation for the Exeter UFO Festival happening this August, photographer David Mendelsohn wrote a brief memoir for New Hampshire Magazine on his “close encounter” meeting with Betty Hill.

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The Nursery Hypothesis

“If the universe is teeming with life, why have they not contacted us?” It is one of the great skeptical-analytical questions that get posed in apparent opposition to the ancient alien theory. There is a hypothesis which tries to explain the apparent lack of daily and visible contact with ET: the so-called Zoo Hypothesis.

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Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly (Part Two): Whitley’s Onion

The desire to find a higher purpose is the same desire that draws people to join cults. If an
individual is more inclined to lead than to follow, he can start his own
following. Although Strieber's case is extreme, it is also typical. Patterns laid down in childhood by
trauma and neglect lurk beneath all such pursuits, spiritual, political,
artistic, sexual, or financial.

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