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Love in the Anthropocene

Some things we have a choice in, and that means “control,” at least on the physical plane. Other things sweep us up, and we can only marvel at being part of the process: the spinning solar system, the spinning globe—and now the permanently altered environment which envelops us.

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The plants know

Imagine a world where every house plant and tree could see, remember, and judge everything around it. Unfortunately for naked Zumba enthusiasts this is reality not fiction.

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Why the legalization of marijuana may be good for agriculture

Traditionally, covert marijuana growers have earned themselves a bad rap, at least environmentally speaking. From indoor growers’ massive consumption of electricity to deforestation and agricultural pollution, a lack of regulation – combined with the promise of massive cash rewards – have led to an “anything goes” mentality, which has resulted in significant harm in the past.

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The Circle of Life

The Earth is alive, a consciousness to whom
attunement can be made at any time. All life on earth is part of an
Earth community. A garden is the perfect example of a place where that
can be experienced and learned.

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Super Gardens of the Sahara

Pro-Natura's biochar – used for 7,000 years by Amazonian indigenous groups – is helping re-green North Africa and the Sahara with carbon-negative vegetable gardens.

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Garden Like a Pirate

To the landless urban farmer, every vacant lot, parkway, office building planter and apartment courtyard is a potential cornfield, orchard or vegetable patch.

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