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Ibogaine Treatment for Addicts: Progress and Resistance

Ibogaine may be one of the most promising weapons yet in the battle for recovery. While bankers and biotech executives in lab coats, and lobbied legislators in well-funded offices ponder the pros and cons of this ‘hallucinogen’, desperate people on the streets are suffering and dying.

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Mutiny of the Soul, Revisited

Kelly Brogan’s book “A Mind of your Own” presents a devastating and well-referenced scientific case against the premises and practices of psychotropic medication. Her assessment: the drugs are worse than useless.

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Global Ibogaine Conference

On March 14-16th, the 2016 Global Ibogaine Conference will bring together experts worldwide to discuss ibogaine therapy, the climate of global drug policy, and the sustainability and traditional uses of Tabernanthe iboga in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

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In Defense of Homeopathy

Since its inception over 200 years ago, homeopathy has been the target of almost constant antipathy from the prevailing school of orthodox medicine, yet it thrives—all across the globe—for a number of very good reasons.

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Introduction to Reiki – Jodi Criser Reiki Master

The Introduction to Reiki webinar debuts the historical background to the origination of Reiki, its many benefits, and how it is being used in hospitals across the nation. You will also learn a short meditation to introduce you to chi energy.

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Heart Medicine: A True Love Story

Visionary street artist Chor Boogie and author Elizabeth Bast share their story about Iboga as an effective healing treatment for heroin addiction. ‪#‎PlanetMedicine‬

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