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Excerpt: “Challenging Trips and Introduction to the Shadow”

The following excerpt from the book, Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion, by drug policy journalist Michelle Janikian explores the concept of challenging trips, specifically with psilocybin mushrooms, and how to navigate these types of experiences. The chapter is titled “Challenging Trips and Introduction to the Shadow,” and speaks to experiences that can happen to anyone regardless

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Santa's Reindeer Are Female

Santa’s Reindeer Are Female

For as long as Santa Claus has existed, his reindeer have always been perceived as male. According to science, Santa’s reindeer could only be female.

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Remembering Fantasia

Walt Disney’s Fantasia reimagined music as a motion picture of innovative animation. This article explores the imagination, history, and making of Fantasia.

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The Machines of the Gods

There is stunning evidence that ancient Greek Temples used sophisticated machinery to create illusion and magic–these were the machines of the gods.

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Coca Plant Makes a Comeback

In the West, the nutritional value of the coca plant was largely overshadowed by its infamous export cocaine. A recent study is aiming to change that.

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